About Us

KWCP is a global merchant bank and financial advisory firm servicing global investors with relevant and proprietary investments and analyses and companies with a full line of debt and equity products. Our team of multi-disciplinary professionals with strong backgrounds in finance are actively working with investors and companies.

KWCP works with growth companies and management teams from around the world, providing them value added advice and resources which assist in creating a world class enterprise, either locally or in global markets. From the smallest entrepreneurs to the largest public companies, we seek to find the best solutions from all clients alike.

We are a knowledge-based firm, which promotes vision, leadership, strategy and execution. We base our confidence in our education and experience in providing the best solutions for our clients.  Our team has MBAs and significant financial experience to best assist our clients.  Our team of financial professionals are committed to providing great results to our clients.

KWCP and its partner organizations are a privately held merchant bank and financial advisory firm that helps companies meet their business goals, enter new markets, and raise capital. For debt products, we service all sectors and sizes of companies. Similarly, we do focus on all sectors for equity products, but our research are focused on differing sectors depending on analyst coverage.

We work with firms of all shapes and sizes from one-man agencies to medical practices to churches to franchises to NASDAQ-listed companies.  In each case, we apply best practices with best execution for very efficient capital sources (both fast and effective) for the lowest and appropriate cost of capital for the company.

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​Selected KWCP Past and Current Clients and Portfolio Investments ---  1-year, non-exhaustive 

  • EN –  A Leading $500 Million Petroleum and Petrochemical Company 
  • MI – A Rare Earth Mining and Glass Mfr Company
  • MI, AG – A Large Potash Mining and Processing Company 
  • CO - A Leading Mobile Payment Company
  • AG, EN - An Emerging Agricultural Technology Firm
  • CO – A Prominent Financial Software Company
  • EN, CO - A NASDAQ-Listed Recycling Company
  • CO – A NASDAQ-Listed Luxury Car Distributor
  • CO – A Leading Pharmaceutical Company 
  • AG – A Leading Family of Farms
  • CO - An Emerging Educational Toy Mfr 
  • MI – South American Copper Mine  (Chile)
  • CO – Leading Real Estate and Leisure Company
  • AG – A Leading Grain Producer​
  • CO -- A Leading Automobile and Bus Mfr

For more information or to schedule a meeting or conference call, please contact [email protected].