DCM – Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Bridge Loans (Hard Money Loans)

Many times a company is approved for a loan at their bank or financial institution, but the loan will not close for 4 to 6 months, however the money is needed sooner. During that time, you can provide a short-term or “bridge” loan, which is paid when the senior loan closes so they can satisfy their capital needs immediately. You can also provide loans to businesses that have run into hard times and need some working capital, pay tax liens, or for any other purpose. In today's hot entrepreneurial marketplace this is the perfect solution for companies "in-between" financing rounds eager to use working capital to meet investor expectations.

Other times a project is near completion and need short term funds to finish the job.  Importantly, the loan is not based on the client's credit  but rather the assets of the project. These loans can be quite large and are able to close very rapidly.

Standard transaction size range: $300,000 to 100 million

Approximate approval timeline: 7 to 10 days

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