DCM – Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Development Loans

Commercial Real Estate and Real Estate Development Loans

Banks typically are not willing to finance real estate development projects due to the high associated risk. That means that easily 50-70% of applicants for these types of loans must seek alternative solutions when they are turned down by banks. These projects are usually large (up to $175MM) and yield very large fees to the loan broker. Global teaches many alternative methods of satisfying this growing need with a variety of loan types ranging from debt/equity, baloon payments, negotiable amortization schedules and interest only solutions. We show you how to target these developers who are in need of solutions every day.

  • Finance any type of commercial real estate regardless of credit

  • Finance owner occupied real estate with as little as 10% down

  • Finance any type of property: Raw land, apartment buildings, self storage, retail, mixed use, churches, marinas, office buildings and more.

  • Close loans from $100,000 to $50 million or more

  • Close in as little as one week

Typical transaction size: $20-175 million
Typical approval time: 1-4 months (approvals typically can be completed in 1 month, funding follows)

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