DCM – Easy Pay Credit Card Advances

Easy Pay Credit Card Advances

This is one of the most outstanding and simplest programs available today. Most businesses that deal with the public accepts credit cards. And most of these businesses need “opportunity” money from time to time.

Now they can get it, regardless of their credit score, with a one page application and approvals in 48 hours. No tax returns. No asset documentation. No personal Guarantees or financials.

Most important the repayment process is variable based on the clients credit card monthly receipts. If business is bad one month they pay back less. If business is good they pay back a bit more.

It’s a sliding payment scale that makes it “Easy to Pay”. Here’s how it works. You will be able to advance up to 120% of a business’s monthly credit card receipts. If a business does $100,000 in credit card receipts each month you can advance them up to $120,000. Easy! Some programs even include cash receipts as part of the total. They can use it to buy needed equipment, to hire new employees, to remodel or for anything they want.

This is without question one of the easiest loans to sell. Best of all it’s a recurring process with recurring commissions. Most clients who use this once will renew the advance on average 3 more times.

Typical transaction size: $20,000-150,000+ *
Typical approval time: 48 hours Recurring income opportunity

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