DCM – Factoring/Purchase Order Financing

Factoring/Purchase Order Financing

Factoring is a key component in the production of goods worldwide. When a manufacturer receives a valid order from a customer they must finance the production of those products. Often times they must pay for raw materials, shipping and handling long before an invoice is ever issued. In this case they turn to factoring as a solution.

The  manufacturer presents the valid purchase order from the customer and our lenders approve the production costs based on the final "buyers" credit worthiness. This is especially good for companies that are growing rapidly and have been accepted by major retailers and chains.  Often times large buyers "insist" that a factoring arrangement be in place before they will issue a purchase order. 

This loan type is especially good for you as it is on-going and many of the traditional solutions, like banks, are making it more difficult to secure factoring.

Transaction size unlimited: Typical amounts: $10,000-1,000,000+ *
Typical approval time: 48-72 hours

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