DCM – Franchise Funding

Franchise Funding

Some companies consider this a separate classification of loans. In some ways it is only because the lenders already have most of the information they need to complete the loan. They are familiar with the franchise needs and expectations and only have to evaluate the individual acquiring the franchise. And while most banks shy away from this category you will find this is an easier loan to arrange than most other start up businesses. Our lenders are experts in this field and you can arrange loans of up to $1,000,000 making commissions of up to 4% from this activity. Importantly there is a silver lining to these loans. Oftentimes as a loan gets paid down the franchisee decides to expand with additional outlets of like type franchises. Now the lender is familiar with both the franchise and the franchisee creating an excellent source of repeat business for you.

Typical transaction size: usually $150,000-$1 million *
Typical approval time: 2-4 weeks

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