DCM – Project Financing Up To And Exceeding $100 Million

Project Financing Up To And Exceeding $100 Million

You will be able to fund a wide assortment of large scale projects up to and exceeding loans of $100 million that can be executed either in one stage or multiple stages. These are the types of loans that banks shy away from. It falls more into the area of investment funds and venture capital organizations. 

Examples of such projects might be a large real estate development; industrial parks, extending manufacturing facilities, acquisition opportunities, major purchases of high end machinery, medical equipment, purchase of a franchise, mezzanine financing... literally any project that is very large can be considered in this category.

These loans are secured through large investment banking firms, hedge funds and other funding sources which are not subject to banking regulations making you the answer larger business people are looking for.

Typical Transaction size: $3,000,000 to $100,000,000 or more
Approval Time: Varies based on project size and complexity
1 - 6 months

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