DCM – Repossessed Equipment Financing

Repossessed Equipment Financing

You will be provided with access to hundreds of types of equipment in dozens of industry classifications that you can provide to your clients and finance.

 Our Internet access to the nationwide pool of available repossessed equipment gives you the opportunity to target and sell nearly any type of business. These loans are quickly approved (24-48 hours) and easy to transact. Your website will be a one stop shop for industries needing specialized equipment.

Best of all this equipment is financeable even if your clients have been turned down by banks which means you have an opportunity to make money both selling the equipment and financing it.

 Some of the categories include but are not limited to construction equipment of all types, trailers, car wash equipment, specialized manufacturing equipment and much more.


Typical Transaction size: $50,000 to $1,000,000 or more
Approval Time: 24-48 hours

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