DCM – Sale and Lease-back Programs

Sale and Lease-back Programs

Companies are always looking for additional working capital. Most companies don’t realize they have a source of financing sitting in their business in the form of machinery and equipment. You will be able to determine the existing equipment they own, finance it so they have working capital, and give them low monthly payments to repay the loan. This type of loan is called "sale and lease-back". It’s simply refinancing equipment they own. Best of all these types of loans pay up to 15% commissions and are NOT dependent on credit ratings. Companies love this because most banks don’t do this type of financing, placing your company in a premium position to capture new business. Remember. It does not matter which program gets "your foot in the door". Once you have a client you have a huge assortment of products to answer their needs for years to come.

Typical transaction size: $100,000-1 million or more *
Typical approval time: 24-48 hours

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