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SBA Loans

SBA loans are probably the most misunderstood loans. Most people think SBA loans take 6 months to complete. Our lenders approve SBA loans in less than 8 weeks! They are the most convenient way for a small business to obtain financing and our SBA sources are the finest in the industry having proven superior approval rates and speed of completion.

For business-people; the loans can be used to purchase a business, or buy a building that a business-person is currently paying rent on. They can get working capital, new equipment or refinance existing debt…all with very little money down.

For medical professionals; they can buy a practice or expand their business, buy a building or renovate it, get working capital or equipment with NO MONEY DOWN.
SBA loans are the best and most economical way to finance franchises and hundreds of franchises are already pre-approved. Doing a loan with the SBA or through a local bank can be tedious and time consuming and your clients will be delighted to have your assistance in this area. You will be able to “cut through the red tape” for them and help them navigate this sometimes complex process and that means more business for you.

Typical transaction size: $200,000-2 million *
Typical approval time: 2-4 weeks

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