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Venture Capital

There is a movement going on across America. It's a rebirth of entrepreneurship and venture capital is one of the cornerstones of this movement. It's hard to speak in a crowd of people without hearing about a new venture being started, a young company struggling to grow or what the latest "hot" product is.

Venture capital is simply the process of investing in early stage companies, obtaining in return for that risky investment a significant portion of the company's equity and most often is done as a combination of debt and equity.

In essence it is a "joint venture" between the company founders and the venture firm. Naturally there are various points during this process where financing is required. And that's where you come in. You will be prepared to "marry" the partners in the venture and realize significant rewards as these deals can be many millions of dollars.
Typical transaction size: Up to $75,000,000
Typical approval time: 4-12 weeks

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