Why work for KWCP?  At KWCP, we committed to developing and empowering our employees. We value integrity, diversity, and hard work.

 Because our people are our greatest asset, we want our staff to reach their full and greatest potential, allowing ample opportunity for staff to grow with our company's opportunities and tackle new ventures that may benefit the company.  We believe highly in our core values of and foster an active working environment where employees are not only encouraged to contribute their opinions, but actively pursue their instincts on business endeavors with guidance.

We recognize hard work and dedication are the driving forces behind our success, and we look for ways to encourage and reward these hallmarks of success.  We are constantly seek ambitious, pro-active, educated, and enthusiastic members with high integrity to join our staff and work on our projects.

If interested, please send your position requirements along with your CV and any supporting documents or examples of previous, related work to [email protected].